SILENT WEEK – 2 to 8 August 2021

The next silent week will again contain 5 hours of sitting collectively, and plenty of time for walks in the forest, creative practice, yoga and meridian work. Although the schedule differs every time a little bit, you can expect something a bit like this one:

5.30: slow walking outside – 6.00: sitting – 7.00: yoga – 8.00: buffet breakfast – 10.00: sitting – 11.00: study – 12.30: lunch – 14.00: sitting – 15.00: meridian stretch – 16.00: (slow) walking – (16.00: sitting) – 18.00: sitting (optional pick-nick dinner) – (20.00: sitting) – 22.00: sitting

The sitting times between brackets are optional…

On Monday we go through the schedule once all together, we have time to discuss and answer questions, and if needed, help you with your sitting score. From Monday evening to Sunday morning we then go into complete silence. A partial fast is supported (no evening meal) but there will be food available if this is not what you choose to do.

To support the (privately funded) initiative, we recommend a donation for the week of 100 euro for the food, and 100 euro for accommodation.


Hope to welcome you soon…


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